Transition program

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Transition Program for Students with Disabilities

The Transition Program provides students with disabilities an introduction to the postsecondary learning environment as well as an opportunity to smooth the academic transition from secondary school to post-secondary school.

By registering for the Transition Program students can participate in three different stages of transition events completely free of charge!

Register for the Transition Program

Phase one:

The first phase is a series of information sessions. These information sessions provided a brief overview of academic accommodations, how to register with Access Services, the difference between Secondary and post-secondary education, services on campus, and much more!

Please contact for more information.

Phase two:

The second phase, planned for right before the start of the semester, is a day on campus in the life of a student. This event will include a tour of our wonderful campus and its numerous student services, tour of the services on campus, mock lectures with exciting teachers, Student ID card and UPass acquisition, a tour to experience our examination facilities, and much more!

The second phase takes place at the end of August. By registering for the transition program you will be e-mailed more information as the date approaches.

Phase Three:

Our third stage will be a series of workshops organized by Access Service team members covering a wide range of topics looking to ease the transition from secondary to post-secondary education. These workshops will run throughout the first year of study and will focus on developing essential life skills for students with disabilities.

Register for the Transition Program to ensure you are prepared for the September rush!

Register for the Transition Program

If you have any questions please contact

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