About SASS


To support students and help them thrive and find their own path to academic success.



To be a catalyst for supportive and inclusive learning environments, by building connections, working in synergy with our students, our university partners, and the community, as well as adopting and furthering academic support best practices.

Organizational values

Resilient optimism

Strive to develop the growth mindset; show the desire to learn and embrace challenges; build resilience and see effort as the path to excellence.

Agile excellence

Adapt to the changing needs; promote best practices; work in multifunctional, multidisciplinary and agile teams.

Collaborative learning

Learn from one another and from our students; strive to create opportunities for students to learn from and support one another.

Authentic communication

Establish honest, open and constructive communications with our colleagues; play an active role in making change happen and in communicating why, what and how we are changing. 

Lucid responsability

Be realistic in our expectations and recognize our role in the University student support network and with students, who are themselves active participants in the learning environment.

Culture of compassion

Support each other, value all efforts and contributions; create a healthy, enjoyable working environment. 

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