Accommodation Statement for Instructors

Instructors should include the following statement in their syllabus and read it out loud at the beginning of their first few classes to remind students of their obligations to request any form of academic accommodation they feel they might need.

View the full Quick Guide to Academic Accommodations for Instructors (PDF, 1,900.58 KB).

Copy and paste the following statement:

Academic Accommodations Service

For students who need adaptive measures

Students who have a disability or functional limitation and who need adaptive measures (changes to the physical setting, arrangements for exams, learning strategies, adaptive technologies, etc.) to progress or participate fully in university life should contact SASS Academic Accommodations immediately by:

The Academic Accommodations Service offers services and implements measures to break down barriers to learning for students with physical or mental health issues, visual impairments or blindness, hearing impairments or deafness, permanent or temporary disabilities, or learning disabilities.

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