Exam Services

We provide adapted evaluations including midterms and final exams to students who are registered with Access Service.

Adapted Exams Procedures


  • Create a Ventus account.
  • Meet with a Learning Specialist.
  • Professors will notify SASS that your course has an upcoming exam.
  • Confirm your exam and your accommodations via Ventus.
  • Verify the location of your exam in Ventus


Note: Seats can be changed up to 24 hours before the exam.


  • Final exams: Fall session confirm by November 15th
  • Final exams: Winter session confirm by March 15th
  • All other types of exams (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) confirm at the latest 7 days before the exam.



  • To contact your professor, remind them to provide SASS with their contact information.
  • The professor can also visit your location or can call the Exam Hotline (confidential number for professors only) to communicate exam related information.



  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the exam.
  • Provide student card.
  • Bring your own headset for assistive software.
  • Students who arrive more than thirty (30) minutes after the examination has begun will not be allowed to write the examination (see Academic Regulation 9.4).
  • Students must stay at SASS until 1 hour after the exam starts in class. During this time, cellphones or any other electronic devices are not permitted. Any such device or tool must be shut off, stored and out of reach (see Academic Regulation 9.4).
  • Personal belongings are NOT permitted in the exam rooms; ACCESS SERVICE is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  • Cellphones or any other electronic devices are NOT allowed in the exam rooms.
  • NO food or drink is allowed in the exam rooms with the exception of bottled water.
  • Scented products (perfumes, colognes, hand creams, etc.) are NOT allowed.
  • Exam proctors CANNOT answer any questions related to the content of the exam.
  • If you have any concerns during the exam, please inform the proctor immediately for assistance.



  • According to the Academic Regulation 9.5: “Absence from any examination or test, or late  submission of assignments due to illness, psychological problems or exceptional personal circumstances must be justified; otherwise, students will be penalized.”
  • Students must directly notify their professor and/or the academic secretariat of the faculty where they are registered, before the exam.
  • If the medical or psychological problem is not foreseeable, students must notify their professor and/or the academic secretariat of the faculty where they are registered and submit a medical certificate bearing the date of the absence within five working days of the exam date



If for any reason, you are unable to write a scheduled exam with SASS, please log in to your Ventus account and cancel your confirmation (click “withdraw”) before the start time of your exam or notify adaptedexams@uOttawa.ca.

Distance Exams at the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa’s Exams Service offers a professionally invigilated environment for distance testing and examinations.

Exams Service for external clients

Distance Exams at the University of Ottawa

Exams Service provides invigilation / proctoring services for external clients who need to write an examination or test for another college, university, or institution. The following are some of our exams settings

  • Our rooms sit up to 20 people. Our rooms are equipped to sit computer-based and paper-based examinations
  • Our rooms are equipped with assistive equipment and software to accommodate specific needs established by the other institution
  • Cost: $55.00 CDN per examination

We do not provide service for:

  • Individual examinations that require verbal instructions to be read out-loud
  • Professional examinations 
  • Examinations that require a significant amount of administrative work

To book an exam, please send an email to exams@uOttawa.ca with the subject header “Distance Exam” and provide the following information:

  • First Name:
  • Last Name:
  • Phone number:
  • Email Address:
  • Exam and course information:
  • Institution:
  • Preferred Date and Time:

If you require academic accommodations for your examinations, please have your institution send us the list of approved accommodations.

It is the client’s responsibility to contact their testing provider and make arrangements for the exam to be sent to Exams Service at least 5 business days before the exam date.  

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