Frequently Asked Questions Related to COVID-19


Can I still write exams with my academic accommodations through the Exam Centre?

Yes. To better support the University community, the Exam Centre is available to host exams online through Virtual Campus (Brightspace) when requested by professors. If your professors have not yet contacted you regarding online exam procedures, contact them to find out if you can use the Exam Centre. If you’re concerned about how your accommodations will be implemented under your new course and exam format, email your learning specialist.


How can I contact the Learning Specialist assigned to me?

If you have questions or concerns to address to the Learning Specialist assigned to your file, email We are experiencing an increased number of emails. Please understand that we will be getting back to you as quickly as possible.


How can I schedule a meeting with a Learning Specialist?

If you would like to schedule a meeting with a Learning Specialist, please email Learning Specialists are scheduling phone appointments. For your appointment, expect a call from an unknown number. Please note that the office (DMS 3172) is closed. 


I am currently unable to schedule an appointment and/or get medical documentation from a healthcare provider. Can I still schedule an appointment with a Learning Specialist?

At this time, we are not asking students to book appointments with their healthcare provider(s) for the sole purpose of seeking medical documentation. We will proceed with an appointment; however, the approval of accommodations may likely be on a temporary basis. If you have alternate documentation (High school IEP, letter from previous college/university confirming the need for accommodations), please submit.


How will I receive my extended time accommodation for online exams?

Instructors have two options for SASS students: host the exam themselves and provide accommodations (including extended time) or ask the Exam Centre to host the exam. The Exam Centre will ensure you receive your extended time, which will automatically be added after the class start time.

We suggest you contact each of your professors regarding the new exam format.


What if my accommodations have changed due to the fact that courses are now online?

If you have concerns related to disability and accessibility, the Learning Specialist assigned to your file can help you with finding strategies and solutions with your professors. If you have not already done so, reach out to your professors and Learning Specialist immediately.


Will grades this term be C (pass/fail), or will students receive alphanumeric grades as usual?

Because each faculty is unique and offers a diversity of programs, the Senate decided to give individual professors and faculties the latitude to implement the most relevant measures for their programs, while maintaining academic standards and integrity, respect for learning objectives and ensuring an approach that is flexible and fair to students. As such, students should receive information specific to each course from their professor.


As a professor, how do I accommodate a student’s online exam?

Students registered with Academic Accommodations take the exam the same way other students do, but with their adaptive measures. For example, if a student has an extended time accommodation, he or she will be allotted additional time via Virtual Campus. See the Teaching and Learning Support Service resources for professors, including webinars and online video tutorials.

To ask us to host exam(s) for your SASS students on Virtual Campus, email the Exam Centre.

For questions about a student’s accommodation plan or concerns about the new online learning format, contact Academic Accommodations.


Can I still write my exams at the Exam Centre. Is the Exam Centre still open?

Although the Exam Centre remains virtually open, we are not currently administering any “in-person” exams.



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