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Mission, Vision and Mandate

SASS works collaboratively with our university community and stakeholders to facilitate the academic accommodation process. SASS ensures that students with disabilities have an equal access to their educational opportunity. This is accomplished through individualized academic accommodation plans, access to additional resources and supports.  

Through close collaboration with the University community, SASS is the first point of communication for students with temporary or permanent disabilities when measures are taken to minimize the impact of learning obstacles.

SASS' role in the academic accommodation process is to assess, establish, and implement appropriate academic accommodations for students who have a temporary or permanent disability with respect and reliability, while adhering to the University of Ottawa’s policies, procedures, and administrative regulations, as well as Human Rights legislation.  

Students who need academic accommodations are encouraged to contact SASS as soon as possible.


Academic Integrity

Academic accommodations are not static. They may be modified throughout an academic program in consideration of academic integrity and other factors.

Academic integrity includes standards of achievement.

Standards of achievement include curriculum (expected student learning – knowledge against which a student’s performance is evaluated), evaluation (criteria adopted for evaluating achievement related to curriculum), and completion standard (specified percentage of students expected to achieve acceptable or excellent level of performance).

The Ontario Human Rights Code defines Essential requirements of a course or program refer to the knowledge and skills that must be acquired or demonstrated in order for a student to successfully meet the learning objectives of that course or program.

Relaxation of curriculum or overlooking academic standards is not a means of accommodating students with disabilities.

However, the Ontario Human Rights Commission states that “it may likely be an essential requirement that a student master core aspects of a course curriculum. It is much less likely that it will be an essential requirement to demonstrate that mastery in a particular format, unless mastery of that format (e.g., oral communication) is also a vital requirement of the program.” (OHRC, http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/guidelines-accessible-education/appropriate-accommodation).



SASS works continuously with key stakeholders both within the uOttawa community and within the greater Ottawa Community at large.

  • University of Ottawa Students' Union


  • Human Rights Office


  • Accessibility


  • Accessibility Hub


  • Strategic Enrollment Management




Centralized Sign Language Interpretation Service (CSLIS)

The University of Ottawa is committed to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to its services and events (Accessibility).

The Centralized Sign Language Interpretation Service facilitates sign language interpretation for University of Ottawa’s Services and Faculties and Academic Units at cost.

CSLIS is proud to provide the sign language interpretation services in both American Sign Language (ASL) and Langue des signes Québécoise (LSQ).

For centralized sign language service requests please complete and email the CSLIS form to the attention of adapt@uOttawa.ca and include CSLIS in the subject head of your email. You will be contacted shortly thereafter.

Download the Request for Centralized Sign Language Interpretation Service form (PDF)

Learning & Technology Mentoring Centre (LTMC)

We are student mentors who focus on your academic success, who can teach you assistive technologies and learning strategies that work with your learning style. All students, University of Ottawa employees and community members are welcome.

We offer workshops and one-on-one appointments for training in technologies to improve your study skills and to help your learning process.

Some technologies include:

  • Writing software and hardware to enhance note-taking skills
  • Text to speech software to improve reading strategies
  • Speech to text software to assist with writing tasks
  • Mind mapping tools to better organize essays and projects
  • Calendar and apps to better manage time

Learn more about the Learning & Technology Mentoring Centre (LTMC) 

Transcription Service

Transcriptions Services converts course materials in alternative format for students with disabilities. These may include PDF, Word, braille and audio. The books are converted on-site by a team of transcribers.

In order to have books converted in an accessible format, it is crucial to bring them as early as possible to our office. Students must also bring proofs of purchase along with the books. This is crucial for copyright reasons.

For a book to be converted in PDF, you can expect a 48-hour turn-around time. Books to be converted in Word can take longer, due to the editing work required.

To contact Transcription Service please contact transcriptions@uOttawa.ca.

Adapted Exam Service

The Adapted Exams Service (AES) and support staff are responsible for the organization, administration, assembly and invigilation of all adapted and distance evaluations.

The adapted exam service provides adapted evaluations for students registered with SASS, including but not limited to midterms and final exams. The academic accommodation process is a collaborative process between the University of Ottawa, Professors and SASS - Academic Accommodations. The Adapted Exams Service adheres to the University of Ottawa Academic Regulations while maintaining academic integrity. We proactively anticipate student needs and expectations and strive to exceed them every time.

Learn more about adapted exam services

Interpretation Service

The Interpretation Service provides course-related interpretation services in a timely and competent manner. Course-related interpretation services include course-related activities, such as a meeting with the course professor, course group work, course presentations, and course evaluations including exams.

To contact Interpretation Services please email interpretation@uOttawa.ca.

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