Registering with SASS - Academic Accommodations

If you have registered for at least one course
  • Create your Ventus account
  • Complete the intake form.
  • Enter your disability-related information and upload your documentation *.
  • Attend your initial appointment 
If you have not yet registered for at least one course
  • Contact SASS - Academic Accommodations at or 613-562-5976.
  • Email copies of your medical documentation to or fax them to 613‑562‑5159.
  • Email or fax should include:
    1. Name
    2. Student Number
    3. Phone number
    4. A copy of your required documentation*
  • Attend your initial appointment 

Please refer to the important dates and deadlines page for more information regarding course registration dates.

Once Academic Accommodations receives your documentation, you will be contacted to schedule your initial appointment with a Learning Specialist.  

*For more information regarding required documentation and to obtain a copy of our medical certificate form, please visit:

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