Registering with the Academic Accommodations Service

If you have registered for at least one course

If the Learning Specialist determines that an academic accommodations plan should be put in place, while adhering to the University of Ottawa’s policies, procedures, and administrative regulations, as well as the Ontario Human Rights Code, the next steps will be presented to you. 

We take into account the standards of achievement essential to academic integrity and collaborates with the University of Ottawa community, including students, to provide reasonable and appropriate academic accommodations.

To learn more about the shared responsibilities and the process, consult the Accommodations Process page.

If you have not yet registered for at least one course

Contact the Academic Accommodations Service at or 613-562-5976 to schedule an initial consultation. Bring a copy of your medical documentation with you.

Please refer to the University's important dates and deadlines for more information regarding course registration dates.

Once Academic Accommodations receives your documentation, you will be contacted to schedule your initial appointment with a Learning Specialist. For more information regarding the required documentation and to obtain a copy of our medical certificate form, please visit the documentation page.

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