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Updated Selection of Academic Accommodations for Courses

2020 Spring-Summer term

Exam Accommodations:

There are no changes to exam accommodations or the exam process.

Academic Accommodations for Courses:

  • After registering for a course, you now must log into your Ventus account and select the academic accommodations you require for that course from the list of accommodations established with your Learning Specialist. This does not cover exam accommodations, which you select on an exam-by-exam basis.
  • You will not receive academic accommodations for a course until you submit your selection.
  • You can make and submit your selection by logging into your Ventus account, selecting the “Courses” tab and selecting each specific course.
  • To protect your confidentiality, teaching accommodations that you do not select are not visible to your course instructor.
  • After you submit your selections, you can still make changes by contacting your Learning Specialist.
  • You must submit selections for all courses in which you are enrolled by the term deadlines: January 31 (winter), August 31 (spring-summer) and September 30 (fall).
  • The 2020 Spring-Summer term will be delivered via distance learning. Please make your selections accordingly.
Step-by-step video tutorial on selecting academic accommodations
Please note that during the summer, we will add more material to the Academic Accommodations website.
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