Meet a Counsellor

To access counselling services within the Student Academic Success Service (SASS), you can book a single session appointment online or visit us at 100 Marie-Curie Private, 4th floor, and meet a counsellor from our walk-in clinic

What is counselling?

Counselling is a confidential service for students who are dealing with temporary life difficulties such as homesickness, relationship breakup, serious illness or death of a family member, academic or financial stress, etc. The aim of counselling is to facilitate a timely return to normal functioning.

What can counselling do for you?

We will help you identify and understand the challenges you are facing, recognize their impact on your life and develop strategies to cope with them. Counselling provides you with a safe space to develop skills and explore new perspectives, as well as increase your awareness and build resilience. It is possible to prevent problems down the road by learning these important skills now.

How does counselling work?

Our services are provided by professional counsellors and at times by closely supervised Master's level interns. After an initial consultation, you will be assigned a counsellor, who will work with you in the short-term to address your difficulties. If your needs would be better addressed though longer term services, we will connect you with the appropriate community resource.

Are you in residence?

You have access to in-house counsellors who will welcome you in an accessible, non-judgmental, objective and totally confidential manner, no matter what the issue.

You can book your single session in advance, or you can visit 100 Marie-Curie Private on the 4th floor in person and meet with a counsellor the same day through our walk-in services.

Are you a student in the Faculty of Law?

If so, you can access your very own Member Assistance Program (MAP) for counselling services here and meet with a counsellor within 48hrs.

Are you a Graduate student?

If so, you have access to a maximum of 10 counselling sessions with your own Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).

You can schedule an appointment with a counsellor and get access to tools and resources.

Are you a student in the Faculty of Medicine?

If so, you can access your very own Wellness Program for short-term counselling services and book an appointment

Are you a student-athlete?

If so, you have access to direct varsity mental health support with Anna Abraham, Varsity Mental Health Coordinator and Registered Psychotherapist. You can schedule a session by calling 613-562-5800 ext. 4525 or by email at

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