Peer counsellors – Who are we?


Like you, we are University of Ottawa students who used SASS - Counselling and Coaching for support in helping us overcome personal challenges that were getting in the way of our success at university. Our shared experience can help us understand and support you in what you are going through.

We have been trained to listen and provide informal emotional support to assist you in achieving your goals. To connect with one of us, please speak to your counsellor at SASS - Counselling and Coaching. We look forward to becoming part of your support network.


Hey there!

My name is Lucas, and I am 3rd year Psychology student. I’m originally from this tiny town near Burlington, ON called Waterdown, which is part of the Greater Toronto Area. My hobbies include snowboarding, music, running, yoga, going to the gym, travelling, and spending time with friends and family. This is my second year as a peer counsellor at the university, I’m excited to continue to learn while exploring this opportunity with you! Although I’ve only been in Ottawa for a few years it already feels like home, I hope to be able to share my love for this city with you. I’m a strong believer in the notion that everybody should see a counsellor – whether or not they’re in distress. I found a lot of support from SASS - Counselling and Coaching in issues surrounding anxiety, stress and time management, and relationships, I look forward to using my personal experience to be a part of your support system. I look forward to meeting you!


Hi there!

My name is Carolyn, and I am a 4th-year Psychology student, originally from Calgary, AB. This is my 6th year working as a peer counsellor! I love to sing, cook, paint, run, practice yoga, as well as be outside in nature and laugh with my friends. I’m happy to go for tea and chat about anything you like. Since being in Ottawa for the past eight years, I have learned to overcome many challenges that life threw at me - from issues surrounding trauma, relationships, transitioning to university life in a new province, and anxiety and fear. I found a lot of compassion and support from SASS – Counselling and Coaching, as they were a major factor in my own personal growth and development. I hope to be a part of your support system, and I look forward to meeting you!




My name is Ila and I am a 4th year student in the BSc Psychology program. I’m originally from a small town in Ontario, so moving to Ottawa was a huge transition for me. I enjoy spending time outside and in, caring for my plants, or gaming and watching movies. I’ve sought help from SASS counsellors and other mental health professionals for anxiety and self-esteem and I am excited to help other students in return. I look forward to providing you support on campus this year!



My name is Kendra, and I’m a student in the Master’s Counselling Psychology program. I have an Honours B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Social Sciences of Health from uOttawa. I have experience with the struggles that university life can present such as being away from home, stress, anxiety and finding a good work-life balance. This is my second year working as a peer counsellor and hope to be a part of your support team! 



My name is Danika and I am a student in my 3rd year B.A in the Social Service program. I come from Aylmer, Gatineau; a beautiful city close to the Outaouais River. As a peer counselor, this is my first year on the SASS - Counselling and Coaching team. In the past, I had the chance to work with women who are victims of domestic and sexual violence. My personal interests and hobbies are reading books, yoga and meditation, hiking and most importantly, traveling! I am someone who listens to others and likes to bring help to people. Finally, I look forward to meeting you and be part of your support system.



My name is Liz and I’ve graduated with a bachelor degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Biology as well as an Honours bachelor in Psychology. I am currently a student in the M.Ed Counselling Psychology program. My interest in psychology really peeked after dealing with my own struggles in which I sought support for from SASS. I’d love to use some of my experiences like learning about self-compassion, mindfulness, and managing relationship struggles with you. This is my third year returning as a peer counsellor and I am really excited in being able to be a part of your support system.




My name is Kyla, and I am in my 5th year of my bachelors in sociology with a minor in the social sciences of health. When I have free time from my studies I enjoy cooking, swimming, practicing yoga, watching movies and socializing with friends. I feel that I have learnt many strategies to cope with stress through my previous experience, with complex family and partner relationships, school/life balance, and anxieties relating to school. I have been able to overcome many challenges in my life through years of practice, and growth from working with counsellors and the SASS services provided at the University of Ottawa. I look forward to meeting you and hope to become a part of your personal support system.



Sometimes we feel lost. Sometimes our lives aren't as satisfying as we'd like for it to be. Sometimes we lack confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes we feel like we are not worthwhile. But we do not have to navigate the depths of these overwhelming and uncomfortable feelings alone.

My name is Nereah (na-ree-uh) and I am a student in the Counselling Psychology program. I have amassed experience working at Planned Parenthood Ottawa as a sexual health counsellor, a neurofeedback technician at a private practice, and a rehabilitation assistant. I am honest, easy-going, and open-minded. I operate from the place of assuring that I provide an open non-judgmental space in which you can express yourself freely without any filter. I would like to be your confidant, your support system, whatever you need me to be for you. I have lived experience that I would be open to talking about as well.

There's nothing braver than reaching out when you need help.

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