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The University of Ottawa’s Counselling Services offer a variety of resources and services to support students, including individual counselling, support groups, peer counselling, online resources and more.
The Counselling team can provide information sessions on available counselling services as well as specific workshops and presentations to faculty, staff and student groups on various mental health and wellness topics such as:
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Wellness and self-care
  • Interpersonal relationships and communication
  • Building resilience
  • Navigating uncertainty
  • Improving your mood
  • Managing symptoms of depression
  • Coping with addictions and substance abuse

We also offer debriefing sessions after training on mental health awareness and intervention  such as More Feet On the Ground and Mental Health First Aid (learn more about available training).

If you are interested in learning more Counselling Services, or would like one of our team members to offer a presentation on mental health and wellness topics, please fill out the online request form.

Please note that at this time, our team is only able to delivered presentations online.

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