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CIBC Mentoring Scholarship

A generous one-million-dollar endowment fund provided by the CIBC in 2004 allows SASS to honour a number of student mentors for their strong dedication and leadership in the student mentoring and to present an award that can reach $4,500.

We are especially proud to support this mentoring program. Helping young people to reach their full potential is a strategic focus of our community investment program. Through CIBC Youth Vision we fund hundreds of initiatives that support education, mentoring and skills development.

In an increasingly competitive global economy, it is so important that young people complete their education, and the mentoring provided through the university's Student Academic Success Service is proving successful in addressing the issue of student retention.

Dave Hopper,
District Vice President, CIBC (2004)


Recipients of CIBC scholarship 2018 - 2019

Front row (left to right): Nadae Oukrid (Regional Mentoring Centre), Sarah McAllister (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Alexa Mouawad (The Workshop - The Engineering and Science Mentoring Centre), Madalina Cretu (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Sonia Rose Dancey (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Min Ji Esther Kim (Faculty of Social Sciences Mentoring Centre), Madison MacLachlan (Immersion Mentoring Centre)

Second row (left to right): Michel Guilbeault (Associate Vice-President, Student Life), Derek Mainville (CIBC District Vice President, Ottawa East District), Olivia Faucher (Manager, Academic Support Unit, SASS), Sidra Hashmi (Faculty of Social Sciences Mentoring Centre), Sophie Fobert (Faculty of Social Sciences Mentoring Centre), Fabien Provost (Regional Mentoring Centre), Olivia Dupuis (Faculty of Science Mentoring Centre), Jean-Philippe Souligny (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Benjamin Raymond (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Liam Brunton (Immersion Mentoring Centre)

Absent : Justin Jules Morin (Faculty of Medecine Mentoring Centre), Katina Zheng (Faculty of Medecine Mentoring Centre)

Mentor students recipients

Front row (left to right) Monica Szymczuk (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre), Jessica Gladu (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre), Kirsten Haylow (Mentoring Centre for Transfer Students and Mature Students), Sarmad Tanveer (Faculty of Engineering – Mentoring)

Second row (left to right) Sylvie Tremblay (Director, SASS), Angelina Bolchakova (Learning & Technology Mentoring Centre), Gladys Bruninx (Mentor in Residence), Sofiya Stevens (Mentor in Residence), Anna Ly (Faculty of Health Sciences - Mentoring Centre), Rowan Terrrel (Faculty of Health Sciences - Mentoring Centre), Eyal Podolsky (Faculty of Health Sciences - Mentoring Centre), Caitlyn Kraushaar (Mentoring Centre for Transfer Students and Mature Students), Niève Séguin (Centre de mentorat de la Faculté des sciences)

Third row (left to right) Olivia Faucher (Manager, Academic Support Unit, SASS), Derek Mainville (Branch director CIBC), Jessica Gardner (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre), Abigail Roche (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre), Mohsen Alayche (Faculty of Sciences Mentoring Centre), Omar Idrissi (Faculty of Sciences Mentoring Centre), Eadan Farber (Faculty of Health Sciences - Mentoring Centre), Sam Morgan (Faculty of Sciences Mentoring Centre), Ibrahim Rizk (Faculty of Engineering – Mentoring)


2016-2017 CIBC recipients
Front row (left to right) Alamin Mollin (Telfer School of Management Mentoring Centre), Kelsey Mongrain (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), Derek Lanoue (Faculty of Medicine Mentoring Centre), Ryan Patrick Séguin (Faculty of Health Sciences Mentoring Centre), David de Launay (Faculty of Social Sciences Mentoring Centre)
Second row (left to right) Coralea Michelle Kappel (Faculty of Medicine Mentoring Centre), Aida Ahari (Faculty of Sciences Mentoring Centre), Cynthia Rochon (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre),Christine Beaudoin (Faculty of Arts Mentoring Centre)



 Mentoring group winners 2015-2016

From left to right: Camille Cusson-Dufour, Sara Valentino, Junyi Dai, Haylee Weese, Miriam Hatabi, Colleen Cornett, Gabrielle Fecteau, Emily McRae


PHOTO: Mentoring group winners 2014-2015

From left to right: Aymen Sellami, Fabienne Lajoie, Dean Alexander Kennedy, Chantal Bolarinho, Ammar Bookwala, Julien Procuta


PHOTO: Mentoring group winners 2013-2014

From left to right: Last row: Dean Chapman CIBC, Nick Kayembe Mayaya, Christian Detellier, Alexandre Roy, William Michelson, Désiré Rioux, Jean-Claude Taylor-Cline, Derik Mainville. Second row: Murray Sang, Alison Phillips, Elizabeth Bratton, Rachelle Quinn, First row: Cayley Pimentel, Natasha Larocque, Myriam Nolet, Michelle Murphy, Chloé Drouin, Jessica D’Aoust.


 Mentoring group winners 2012-2013


Jillian Gedeon, student in health Sciences, health science mentor. Chris Euler, student in Science and Engineering, Residence mentor.


Eligibility for the CIBC Mentoring Scholarship

The CIBC Mentoring Scholarships recognize the strong dedication and academic excellence of our student mentors. These awards, which can reach up to $4,500, are presented in March during a special reception hosted by the Student Academic Success Service.

To apply for a mentoring scholarship, students must meet the eligibility criteria.

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