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First Generation and Crown Wards

Who are first generation students?

First generation students are those whose parents have never attended a college, CEGEP or university. Approximately 20% of first-year students at uOttawa are first generation students.

These students often face the following challenges

  • Having insufficient funds for university and living expenses
  • Understanding how university works and what’s expected of university students, and meeting these expectations
  • Learning about and accessing uOttawa resources and services
  • Juggling academic, career and personal responsibilities
  • Coping with the academic, social, emotional and financial aspects of university
Are you a first generation student?


What is the First Generation program?

The First Generation program encourages and supports first generation students throughout their studies to ensure they have every opportunity to succeed.

The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) offers personalized services to first generation students to help them achieve academic success and enrich their university experiences. These services include:

  • Fall information sessions and other events throughout the year
  • Answers to questions about university
  • Suggestions on how to succeed as a student
  • Help in setting short- and long-term goals
  • Help in finding specific uOttawa resources and services
  • Tools to help them stay organized and manage their time

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Crown Ward Students

Crown Ward Students

The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) is aware of the unique challenges that crown ward students face and works hard to assist them in adapting to university life and in achieving their academic goals. SASS is actively involved with several Crown Ward Education Championship Teams across Ontario.

SASS services:

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