Study Groups

Study groups are an excellent way for students to collaborate with their peers to help each other learn. These groups aim to create a supportive environment and allow students to interact with their classmates to review course material. A student mentor is always available during these study sessions to help facilitate learning.

To find out whether a study group exists for a given course, visit the Academic GPS.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us a request and we’ll see if we can start up a study group.

Karine Mainville

Karine Mainville


For my first year, I decided to live in the 90U residence and during my first week on campus, I discovered the mentoring centre located in 90U. It is a quiet space, perfect for studying. In the evening, there is always a student-mentor available to answers academic related questions.

The workshops and study groups have helped me to develop my skills to ease my transition and to succeed in the classroom. By participating in the workshops, I’ve been able to try out new practical ways to help me understand what I’ve learned in class and to clarify some concepts. The study groups are led by students who have the necessary skills to manage the groups and who all did very well in the class.

Also, working with a peer-student is suggested and I had the chance to meet students in my classes that helped me throughout the semester. With the mentoring centre, I have been able to acquire great study skills that helped me to succeed.

For example, I took advantage of the note-taking and the time-management workshops. I’d like to take this opportunity to highlight the great work of mentors. They are great and they want us to succeed. Our shared experiences make it easy for us to identify ourselves to them. I encourage all the students to use this great and free service.

Online Resources

Need to develop a study skill right now? We’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a series of instructional articles online, so you can develop your skills whenever and wherever you find most convenient.

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