The Counseling and Coaching is a unit of the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) which provides counseling, coaching, peer counselling, workshops and pet therapy to University Ottawa students.

The C&CS invites all students to book an initial appointment to discuss their concerns. Most of our services are provided on an individual basis but group sessions and educational workshops are often available. We also, on occasion, write notes to academic staff in support of requests of temporary exemptions for personal reasons.

Some of the issues that are commonly addressed at the C&CS include:

  • Personal Issues: Stress and anxiety, feelings of depression, loneliness, guilt, low self-esteem, grief, lifestyle choices.
  • Relationship Issues: Romantic relationship difficulties, sexual concerns, roommate problems, family issues.
  • Developmental Issues: Identity development, adjustment to university, homesickness, life transitions
  • Academic or Career Concerns: Perfectionism, underachievement, low motivation, procrastination, performance anxiety.

When students present with longstanding issues and/or request long term therapy, or when there are indications that short term interventions may not be beneficial, we make every effort to facilitate a quick referral to other community services.

Mental health and wellness

Personal counselling

Peer counselling



Pet Therapy

Missed exam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hours of operation

September 1 to May 31


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