What is coaching?

Do you want to achieve your academic and personal goals? Do you want to live a fulfilling life based on what's important to you, and enjoy yourself throughout the process? If these are your goals, coaching can help. Coaching is a confidential service for students who are functioning relatively normally but who strive to achieve optimal performance. The aim of coaching is to help students clarify their goals and identify action steps necessary to achieve these goals.

What can coaching do for you?

Coaching is a partnership where you and a coach work together to promote positive change. As coaches, we inspire you to take action towards personal excellence. We focus on the present as a springboard to improve the future, helping you determine and reach your goals and develop new skills.

How does coaching work?

To start, we help you identify what's truly important to you. We provide a place for you to be accountable to yourself. Through subsequent regular meetings, we inspire you to take action in new and creative ways, and we help you overcome challenges as they arise. In the end, however, the effort you put in determines your ultimate achievement and success.

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