Policy regarding requests for temporary exemption for psychological reasons

University of Ottawa academic regulations stipulate that if you can’t write your exam or if you are asking to hand in your work at a later date because of psychological problems you must inform your professor or the academic secretariat of your faculty. Your professor or the academic secretariat may request a supporting letter from the Counselling and coaching service.

If you are experiencing a significant disruption in your personal life and, as a result, feel temporarily unable to meet your academic obligations, you may want to arrange an assessment session with one of our counsellors who will evaluate the impact of these disruptions on your ability to manage your emotions and to attend to your studies. 

Please note that:

  • On the basis of the assessment, the counsellor (in consultation with the Manager) will decide if a letter of support can be provided.
  • Ultimately, professors or academic advisors may choose to refuse any requests for temporary exemption.
  • Supporting letters must relate to current life disruptions. The Counselling and Coaching Service cannot issue supporting letters relating to past circumstances.
  • Once a supporting letter has been provided, any subsequent letter request may be denied unless the student has been seeking counselling support.
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