Personal counselling

What is counselling?

Counselling is a confidential service for students who are dealing with temporary life difficulties such as homesickness, relationship breakup, serious illness or death of a family member, academic or financial stress, etc. The aim of counselling is to facilitate a timely return to normal functioning.

What can counselling do for you?

We will help you identify and understand the challenges you are facing, recognize their impact on your life and develop strategies to cope with them. Counselling provides you with a safe space to develop skills and explore new perspectives, as well as increase your awareness and build resilience. It is possible to prevent problems down the road by learning these important skills now.

How does counselling work?

Our services are provided by professional counsellors and at times by closely supervised Master's level interns. After an initial consultation, you will be assigned a counsellor, who will work with you in the short-term to address your difficulties. If your needs would be better addressed though longer term services, we will connect you with the appropriate community resource.

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