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Some of the listed events require registration. Please contact SASS, Counselling and Coaching Service to register to these free workshops.

Telephone: 613-562-5200, or Email:, or view the full list of SASS Workshops and events (PDF document).

Self Esteem

Do you sometimes find yourself in a place of feeling not good enough and start hiding parts of yourself from others because you fear you are not worthy of love and belonging? This 4-part workshop sets out to describe a lot of the common struggles we experience that we often end up naming and describing as “low self-esteem.” This workshop aims to provide ways of moving away from not feeling good enough to feeling worthy.


Managing Worry & Anxiety

This 4-part workshop will focus on helping you learn practical strategies to reduce your anxiety and worry. We will focus on understanding and gaining awareness about our own feelings of anxiety and worry, learning to better recognize the physiological and psychological symptoms, and exploring how thought processes can impact worry and anxiety. New coping techniques will be introduced and practiced in each workshop.


Be Happier!

Do you sometimes feel like life is getting away from you? Do you wonder about ways to feel happier in your life? Do you need ideas to help you better manage your stress and anxiety and improve the overall quality of your life? This three-part counselling group uses activities, readings and group interaction to help students feel more positive in their day-to-day activities and better manage the inevitable stresses of life.


Dealing with Procrastination

Do you find yourself procrastinating? You know exactly what you should be doing but for some reason you cannot do it? Procrastination affects everyone to some degree or another. This workshop can help you overcome procrastination and will show you how procrastination works, how you can reduce its influence within your work and home life and gain greater freedom and personal satisfaction.


Exam Anxiety

Do you experience high levels of anxiety before exams? Do you get distracted by anxiety during an exam and feel that your performance is impacted by it? Would you like to feel calmer and better prepared for your next exams? In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn skills to reduce anxiety and increase feelings of confidence before, during and after exams.


Yoga for Anxiety

Learning to manage anxiety can be a challenging process. One of the many tools available to help you along the way can be the practice of yoga. Our weekly yoga practice focuses on tools that can help release tension from the body, calm the mind, and become grounded. Tools may include movement, breathing and meditation. You will need a mat, a water bottle and comfortable clothing. No previous experience with yoga is required.



A workshop to help you identify your personal motivational triggers, blocks and incentives and learn best practices for improving your motivation. Each of the two interactive 75-minute sessions are designed to build your awareness and confidence as you interact with other group members, learn from media presentations and experiment with strategies during and between workshop sessions.


Mindfulness (Koru)

This is a practical course aimed at students who are experiencing difficulty with anxiety and stress. Over its four compulsory 75-minute sessions, you will learn and have repeated opportunity to practice various forms of mindfulness meditation, during and between sessions. Research with college students demonstrates that mindfulness meditation produces more relaxation and less worry, a greater sense of wellbeing, improved academic performance and better sleep, resulting in feeling more rested. Koru, a Maori word for unfurling fern fronds, symbolizes the balance between new growth and stability which this course is designed to teach you.


Beating Back Loneliness

This entertaining multimedia workshop has been designed for international as well as Canadian students who find themselves struggling with loneliness. During its two 75-minute sessions you will discover what loneliness is and what it is not. In the interactive group environment, you will also learn passive and active strategies to help you cope and even flourish.


Making the Best of It – Grad Students Support Group

This is a bilingual support group for graduate students held every second and fourth Thursday of the month (except not Reading Week). Are you living with imposter syndrome? Do you feel isolated? Are you having difficulty writing your thesis? Come and share your experiences with fellow students who are facing similar challenges. No need to attend every session but please sign up for the sessions you wish to attend.


Rainbow Support Group

Open to all University of Ottawa LGBTQ identified students as well as others struggling with issues of sexual and/or gender identity. This is a drop-in group; no appointment or registration required. Come join us for a collaborative support group. 

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