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Published on June 15, 2016

SASS – A valuable resource during your time at university

In the coming weeks and months, you’ll be inundated with important details, dates to remember and activities you won’t want to miss. In the midst of all this activity, and even after the dust settles, the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) is a valuable resource to help you succeed in your studies.

The goal of the many SASS services available across campus is to help all our students succeed.

Academic Writing Help Centre

The Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC) is a peer support service that helps uOttawa students develop writing strategies and skills. Whether you’d like help with structuring your ideas, learning about the different bibliographic styles, avoiding plagiarism or better understanding the different grammar rules, AWHC is here for you.

Aboriginal Resource Centre

The Aboriginal Resource Centre is a space where Inuit, Métis and First Nations students can meet, help one another and enrich their own and others’ experience at university. The Centre also promotes Aboriginal culture and traditions at different activities and events.

Student Mentoring

The Student Mentoring was created to connect students with peer mentors who can provide them with support throughout their time at uOttawa. The goal of the program is to allow you to make a smooth transition to university and provide you with support during your studies. With 18 mentoring centres, 215 student mentors, 26 different workshop topics, 48 study groups and a variety of online resources, the SASS mentoring will help you acquire the knowledge and techniques you need for academic success.

Access Service

Access Services works with our university community to facilitate the academic accommodation process for all students with a permanent or temporary disability. Access Service provides adapted exam services, transcription and interpretation services, a mentoring centre where students can get support in adaptive technologies and individual appointments to help students determine the adaptive measures that can help them reach their academic goals.

Counselling and Coaching Service

Dedicated to providing psychological support to students in distress or facing difficulties in their life, the Counselling and Coaching Service can help you overcome obstacles in your path. Whether you’re facing difficulties related to a specific event, a transition in your life, a difficult decision, a difficult interpersonal or family situation or even your career, job or studies, the Counselling and Coaching Service can help you not only deal with these obstacles but also become better prepared should they arise again one day down the road.

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