Account Activation

Before booking your first appointment, you must activate your account in person at the AWHC. We will take this opportunity to explain our policies and show you how to use our online appointment booking system. You will then be able to book future appointments directly online. We also ask returning students to reactivate their account in person before their first appointment of the year. If you have questions, or if you are unable to login to your account, contact our team.

Appointment Booking

You can book up to four appointments of 45 minutes per week (limit of one appointment per day). Do not wait until the last minute—book your appointments in advance, especially around mid-terms.

  • Bring the course outline, the assignment instructions, and a copy of your work.
  • Participate in the discussion and be open to suggestions.
  • Keep working on your paper until your next appointment.

Peer Help

We do not correct, edit, or proofread papers, nor do we look at take-home exams. We use student-centered teaching practices to give you constructive feedback on academic papers that must be submitted as part of a course. Our writing advisers can address one or more of the following topics: plagiarism and referencing, the structure of a paper, and grammar.

*Please note that this service is available for students only.

Hours of operation

A chatting service is available on Facebook Monday to Friday from 9a.m. to 6p.m.. We invite you to use this service if you have specific questions related to academic writing and study skills. If your questions require a higher level of support, we will suggest booking a remote appointment.

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